Oregon Continuing Education Course: Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC 2018-2019)

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Oregon CE:Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC 2018-2019)

Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC 2018-2019)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 CE/LARRC hours

This course is packed with information you need to stay “in the know” regarding real estate in Oregon.  It will bring you up to speed on the requirements you will need to follow to maintain compliance in areas of clients’ trust accounts. Whether you serve as the broker or licensed  property manager responsible for trust fund accounting and record keeping, or you merely handle (and hand off to your broker) client trust funds, we’ll explore how to stay on top of the most recent rules and guidelines impacting your profession. 

Next we’ll take a look at property management laws and rules, including the required number of client trust accounts, opening and closing of trust accounts, disbursements of trust funds, records and reconciliation of trust accounts, and changes to requirements for a tenant lease agreement. Can you represent a tenant in a leasing agreement? Only under certain conditions, and we’ll explore what those are.

Finally, we’ll round up the course with additional laws and rules that impact your role as a real estate professional. These cover areas such as registered business names, licensing fees, suspension and renewal of licenses, continuing education requirements, disclosure requirements for personal transactions, rules for compensating unlicensed individuals, and changes to transaction records and management requirements.

This is a course to take sooner rather than later, as new rules are effective as of January 1, 2018.  This 3-hour course meets Oregon’s requirement for the “Law and Rule Required Course.” 

Course highlights include answers to the following questions:

  • What are the record keeping, reconciliation, and bank notification requirements for trust funds?
  • What’s a reconciliation review, and how long do I have to prepare for one?
  • If I do business under my own legal name, do I have to register it with the Oregon Real Estate Agency?
  • How can a broker change registered business names? Do all current licensees under the broker have to go inactive?
  • Licensing fees have changed. What are they?
  • Can a suspended license be renewed?
  • Who may represent a tenant in a lease agreement?
  • Whom may you compensate for real estate referrals, and how?
  • Can a broker act as a closing agent? Under what circumstances?
  • What exactly is a “business day”?
  • For how long must I retain my continuing education records, and where?